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I am fucking done!

Have you ever felt like a zombie? I don't know what the fuck my problem is, but i really feel weird. It's like i've taken too many drugs. I can't funtion right. I'm all out of it. I keep spacing out. I feel so fucking weird. I'm kinda numb. I dunno what it is. I'm sad, but i can't really feel the sadness. I've heard way too much tonight. Stories about jeff, and Christina's grandma. I fucking hate violence, and cancer. There is just so much around me that i can't deal with right now. I've been so depressed lately, and now, it's just so much. almost too much actually. I wish that i could change everything, make it better for everyone. I wish i had the power to do something about everything. I'd fucking take all the pain from everyone around me if i could. I'm numb right now, and i could deal with it. I fucking swear i could. I wish everything would get better, not worse. It's not though. Every day something else happens that makes me more upset. it's so hard to deal with.
love you all.
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