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i understand why they say highschool never ends

and with one last breath she fades away.

9 October
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Yea, I'm Ashley. I'm 17. I love local music. I go to shows and write poetry. I love music, it's been my passion forever. I used to dress up when i was little and put on performances for anyone who'd watch and listen. Now, I just sing and write when I'm alone, or with my friends, (broken amendment.) I'm glad that we have venues that actually support the scene, and allow people to play there. They may not be the nicest places, but they try, and give people the oprotunity to be heard and seen. We're lucky that they open their doors. My favorite national band is finger eleven. Local bands that i love are from within and point of anger, every other band that i'm really into from around here broke up lol. I dunno what else to say. This is me, I am what i am.....