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Haven't wrote in this one for a looong time

My life is breaking into pieces
I see that now
thanks for warning me
of just how things
would turn around
from glory to hatred
and then back again
my tongue spilling words
that I'll soon regret
silence me now
while you've got the chance
I was never good at
playing second best
Sever these ties that bound me
cover my wounds with golden thread
hold my hand as you drown me
and I smother within
now these lungs are filling
inside your sea of hatred
longing to betray
every promise made
in the dark
brutality at its greatest
coming from your jaded hands
it's always calming
with your hands around my neck
ripping the breath from my lungs
how I treasure every second
until my final breath
this sea of hatred
that you've created
will now be my death
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