~*Smashley*~ (causticquality) wrote,

i'm going to fill you in on everything, exactly what's inside....

May she be strong
her eyes closed, in fear of what she'll see
sitting on the ledge again
life isn't easy when your mother hides behind
glasses and beer bottles
She waits......
sometimes she wants to leave this world
her creator refuses better herself for her child
she can't let go of the man
who promises to give her the world
instead she runs from her problems
She hides......
she wears a mask of a strong heart
she faces things she shouldn't face
her mothers problems no longer her own
and she's strong when she's around her friends
She smiles.....
her eyes so much brighter now
she's living without the doubt
of a mother who hides in shame
she knows she'll be okay
surrounded by people who care
She loves.....
nickel plated promises
her eyes so beautiful
but she hides them today
the weight of the world on her shoulders
but she'll be okay
surrounded by so much heartbreak
it's easy to see why she won't smile
but better day's are to come
and i promise she'll find love
perfection takes time
everything so treasured
in her heart of gold
though sometimes she feels cold
so worried by the pain around her
but with time the sun shall shine
and she'll be happy again
the worst is soon to come crashing to an end
the clouds will disappear
and her eyes will shine again
smiles for the corrupted
her heart is pure
she wishes to have it all back again
to see the world as it was before
she wants to love
and we all see
the person she is inside
she's so beautiful
and gives to make things better
she's so insecure sometimes
though her flaws are what make her special
and i think it's safe to say
she's close to perfect
no one will ever see
what she hides behind
all for the sake
of being who she truly is
she's an angel
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