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I'm feeling sick, i'm getting paranoid. can you find yourself with bright lights flashing?

Well this is my last night home before the big trip. From Within better fucking rock with their cocks out at this show for me. No pics this time guys. It looks like Josh is gonna have to find someone else to do his eye liner. Hehe. I'd say let Tina, but she can't touch you. ;) I think i'm gonna go get a hair cut and shit today. That is if i can convince my mom to take me. I need one, cause i said i do. whatever. I'm really tired, and wore out, but oh well. I'm going to have to get used to not having this damn thing. Haha. Man 10 days without a computer. Damn, that's long for me. No little boring stories or stupid poems for you guys to read. You're lucky people. I'm sure i'll have more than enough to talk about when i get back though, so miss me when i'm gone. :) I guess that's all i have to say. I'm gonna go call my mommy and do some shit around here. toodles

SMASHED.... Like a road sign that gets crashed into due to speeding traffic that skips a beat.....
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