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Dark skies, she walks, inside these damaged walls.

Sometimes i wonder why i've spent the whole summer sitting in front of this fucking computer. I'm an idiot. I spent  an hour or so talking to Howard tonight. I'm so sad that caustic broke up, but i really think it's for the best. I dunno who's side to believe, but i've known Howard much better than any of the other guys, and i guess i'll choose his. The rest of the guys have always been nice to me, but i've been one of Howard's closest friends for over 2 years now. It's sick to see how people turn their backs on all their friends. But i to have done that myself so i can't he a hypocrite and critisize the things the thing they've done. It's just bullshit to let 7 years of friendship go that easy. I'm sad. Oh well. That's life.

The fouth was kinda fun. I spent it with my best friend. That's always a blast. She's the bestest friend anyone could have. hehe. We played spoons and ate way too much food according to my grandma, even though we had one plate and came home and ordered pizza. Fun times. Fireworks suck, and we crashed kinda early. Josh, my ex, works at domino's and he should hook us up lol. Just sitting around, waiting for tomorrow now, cause we gotta pack again, and Howard is supposed to come up. Watch him fall asleep again and forget. haha. I love that guy. I'm excited about this trip. I can't wait. I'm sleepy though, and i'd go to bed, but i'm talking to my girl and thinking about some sexy guy, who has no clue that i even have feelings about him. He'll never know, and thats cool.

Well i guess i'll end it here. Cori's farting and i can hear it through the cell phone. sick. haha. It smells like shit i've been informed. Go Coreo. I love ya'll niggas, and i can say nigga if i want. It's all about the soul!!! ;)



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