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When it's over, i see myself falling so far behind everything, loosing it all, just to cry......

Such a fucking way to treat your friend ehe? You spend 7 years of your life being the best freind, then you throw it all away just because they are not good enough to be "part" of something that is clearly not going anywhere. What a fucking low life back stabber you are. I'd hate it if i where in that postion, cause frankly you're no better, and i'd just kick your fucking ass. I'd let that love i felt for 7 years turn into hate within a split second, and react as if i'd hated you my whole life. You just don't turn your back on the people you supposedly care about that quickly. I hate you for doing this to him. I'm the only fucking person here for him to turn to, not that i'm complaining, but i fucking can't stand you right now for doing what you've done. It's such a bitch move. I want so bad to just hurt you the way you've hurt him. But it's all over now, and maybe one day you'll see that you were the one who loss. You'll learn one day that you don't treat people that way. I dedicated so much time and energy to something so fucking plastic that it makes me sick to think about it. How much longer would it have lasted? Years? I am glad to see it come to this, you don't deserve someone that talented and dedicated. You're a worthless piece of shit, and everyone will come to see that. FUCK YOU. You ended something good, for the sake of making yourself feel better. I hope you see that you are the one who's lost EVERYTHING. I love you H. I really do, and no one else will hurt you like this i swear. It's not ever happening again. You won't ever hurt him again. There is something about people like you that disgust me. Walking over people, just to befreind them, and turn your back on them when it benifits you. That's low.

I've said all i have to, I hope you fucking rot in hell, you stupid bastard.

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