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the bitter air makes every breath so feeble......

I think i'm going to Cori's tonight. Josh is supposed to come over, but i'm not sure about that. He probably won't, cause he hasn't the last 5 times that he said he would ;). lol. I'm tired and i have a sore throat. We just got back from the doctor with my grandma. I guess everything's okay with her. That's good. I'm trying to find a cheep laptop, so if anyone has/knows someone who wants to sell a laptop, let me know k? I'm really tired, and bored, and i can't wait to go to South Dakota. This friday from within's playing pappy's again. woo hoo. Saturday I'm going shopping for the trip, then i'm gonna try and hang out with Howard, and Sunday is the forth. So doesn't look like I'll have time to rest any time soon. Poor me. I talked to Ryan last night(caustic) and he said the thing at Kentucky Kingodom went good. Shawn said "Fuck" at the begaining of the show, but unlike last year they gave them a second chance. That just proves that we don't have to be there for there to be any trouble. Haha. Just playin. I love them guys to death. Well i figured i'd post some pics on here. I'm bored and there's nothing else to do.




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